General - Secondary Care Body Map

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  1. Sepsis Management Guidelines ( Adults ) (Clinical Guideline)
  2. WHO Safer Procedure Checklist and the Correct Surgical Site Marking Policy and Standard Operating Procedure (Standard Operating Procedure)
  3. Accountable Items Check ( including Surgical Swabs, Instruments, Needles and Blades ) Standard Operating Procedure (Standard Operating Procedure)
  4. Central Venous Catheters in Adults and Children Guideline for the Insertion, Management, Replacement and Removal of (Clinical Guideline)
  5. Serum Procalcitonin testing in Medical Admissions ( for adults only ) Protocol for (Clinical Guideline)
  6. Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms The Management Of (Clinical Guideline)
  7. Interventional Radiology - Pre-Procedure Patient Preparation Guide for Adult Patients Undergoing Elective Procedures (Clinical Guideline)
  8. Procedure for Safe Conveying of Patients to a Mental Health Bed (Standard Operating Procedure)
  9. Delirium Clinical Guideline for the Diagnosis and Management of Delirium in adults (Clinical Guideline)
  10. Resuscitation Training Requirements (Adult, Paediatric and Neonates) (Clinical Guideline)
  11. Enhanced Antimicrobial Stewardship with the introduction of Procalcitonin to guide antibiotic duration in Adult Critical Care (Clinical Guideline)
  12. Managing acute behaviour disturbance with Rapid Sedation / Rapid Tranquilisation (Clinical Guideline)
  13. Bed rails/cot sides for adult/paediatric inpatients Safe and effective use of (Clinical Guideline)
  14. Assessment and Treatment of Agitation/Delirium within Adult Critical Care (Clinical Guideline)
  15. Oral Hygiene Management ( Adult ) General (Clinical Guideline)
  16. Heatwave Plan (Clinical Protocol)
  17. Adrenal Crisis Guidelines (Adults) (Clinical Guideline)
  18. Safe handling and despatch of specimens in the Operating Theatre (Standard Operating Procedure)
  19. Thromboprophylaxis Guideline for Critically Ill Adult Patients ( excludes patients on planned critical care pathways ) (Clinical Guideline)
  20. Surgical Scrub, Gowning and Gloving Standard Operating Procedure (Standard Operating Procedure)
  21. Mental Health Act - Detention under Section 2 or Section 3 (Standard Operating Procedure)
  22. Safe implantation of prosthesis/implants/devices Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP ) (Standard Operating Procedure)
  23. Acute Surgery Out of Hours across Leeds Teaching Hospitals (Standard Operating Procedure)
  24. Inpatient CT Scan requirements (Standard Operating Procedure)
  25. Deteriorating Patient at Peripheral Hospitals Standard Operating Procedure (Standard Operating Procedure)
  26. Organ Donation after Circulatory Death ( DCD ) Adults (Clinical Protocol)
  27. Pathology Standards for COVID-19 Samples Secondary Care (Clinical Guideline)
  28. Lumbar Spine Imaging Guidance for GPs and Referring Clinicians (Referral Guideline/Pathway)
  29. Adult Intravenous 2% Lidocaine Infusion for Perioperative Analgesia (Clinical Guideline)
  30. Insertion and Care of Nasal Retaining Loops to Secure Naso-Enteral Tubes for Adult Patients Safe Practice Guidelines for the (Clinical Guideline)
  31. Handling, Storage and Transfusion of Blood Samples and Components during COVID-19 (Standard Operating Procedure)
  32. Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard Adult Critical Care (Standard Operating Procedure)
  33. Streptococcus anginosus group ( Streptococcus millieri group ) (Clinical Guideline)
  34. Pre-operative fasting in adult patients presenting for elective surgery (Clinical Guideline)
  35. Dual Role within the Perioperative Environment (Standard Operating Procedure)
  36. Administration of Local Anaesthetic Blocks SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
  37. COVID-19 - Ethical Guidance in a Pandemic (Clinical Guideline)
  38. Direct Access for Children’s Assessment and Treatment (CAT) Unit (Standard Operating Procedure)
  39. Criteria Led Discharge ( CLD ) for Elective Surgical Patient on J81 SJUH (Standard Operating Procedure)
  40. Identification, Checking and Transfer of Patients to the Operating Theatre Standard Operating Procedure (Standard Operating Procedure)
  41. Refractory hypoxemic respiratory failure guidelines and prone positioning standard operating procedure (Standard Operating Procedure)