Investigation Plan for Solid Tumours

Publication: 20/03/2012  
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Clinical Guideline
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Approved By: Paediatric Oncology Guidelines Development Group 
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Investigation Plan for Solid Tumours


The patient may already have had a biopsy of the tumour before being referred paediatric oncology services. Therefore, patient may already have a confirmed diagnosis.

Full history and examination should be undertaken, including 3 generations of family history, clinical chickenpox exposure and birth history. Family history of chickenpox exposure should also be assessed: non-immune family members are advised to be vaccinated if chemotherapy is to be given and the patient is VZV IgG negative [HPA 2006]

If patient is female and has started menarche, pregnancy test will be required. Please see pregnancy test SOP.

Fertility preservation may be offered to patients, depending on the risk of fertility impairment. Please refer to CCLG Fertility Preservation guidance

Certain tests are required for each different diagnosis. Please see below, appendix 1 - 10. Staging investigations to be done after diagnosis. Safety tests to be undertaken before starting first course of chemotherapy

See attached pro-forma for use on wards.


Record: 2886

To outline the acute investigations to be undertaken when children and young people present with a suspected or diagnosed malignant solid tumour

Clinical condition:

Suspected maligancy in children and young people

Target patient group: All patients referred to Leeds Regional Haematology/Oncology service with a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of malignant solid tumour
Target professional group(s): Secondary Care Doctors
Primary Care Nurses
Secondary Care Nurses
Adapted from:

Evidence base

HPA. Immunisation against infectious disease - 'The Green Book'. Chapter 34: Varicella.

Approved By

Paediatric Oncology Guidelines Development Group

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