Decontamination of the Neonatal Echocardiogram Machine

Publication: 26/10/2021  
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Standard Operating Procedure
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This Standard Operating Procedure is intended for use by healthcare professionals within Leeds unless otherwise stated.
For healthcare professionals in other trusts, please ensure that you consult relevant local and national guidance.

SOP for Decontamination of the Neonatal Echocardiogram Machine


  • To standardise the methodology of cleaning
  • To improve cleaning standards
  • To reduce the risk of transmission of micro organisms 

Background and indications for standard operating procedure

This SOP  should be used for the cleaning of cardiac ultrasound equipment on NNU

Procedure method (step by step)


  • Select appropriate cleaning product according to manufacturer’s guidance
    • Septiwipes (GHX catalogue, on Oracle SE1602) for the probe (Cleanisept if not available)
    • Green Clinell wipes for rest of machine except screen
    • Dry screen wipes for screen
  • Decontaminate hands
  • Apply appropriate PPE .
  • Remove all products off the machine
  • Using the Clinell wipes, down the back and sides of the machine - in an S shaped movement ensuring any areas where dust may build up is cleaned thoroughly. (Pay close attention to the area around the wheels and where the plugs and network cables are hung).
  • Change wipes and clean the front and middle of the machine where the probes are connected in an S shaped movement.
  • The front of the machine where the handle is and area under the keyboard is prone to a build-up of ultrasound gel.
  • Clean the 2 screens (dry screen wipes only for the screens), the frames and the control area - paying particular attention to where the probes sit (another area where ultrasound gel builds up) in an S shaped movement .
  • Disconnect the ECG leads and clean each wire, then reattach and hook back onto the machine.
  • Clean the probes one at a time with Septiwipes. Hold onto the probe and clean the lead part first, then move onto the probe itself - do not rub the surface of the probe as this could cause damage.
  • Clean and replace all the equipment back onto the machine ensuring that there is enough of each item on it
  • Remove PPE
  • Decontaminate hands
  • Label equipment with I am clean label. Sign cleaning log
  • Once a month the filter requires cleaning: it is at the bottom on the left hand side- pull the panel off between the wheels to access it, clean and replace.

ALL USERS are expected to clean the machine inbetween patients. This must include the keyboard, probes and any other parts of the machine that have been handled whilst with the patient.
If the equipment has been taken into a source isolation room the equipment must cleaned using a chlorine based product prior to leaving the room and then again outside of the room.


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